If you want to get a taste for the Graceville State School Fete, nothing beats the rocky roads, coconut ices, toffees, chocolate fudges and other delicious sweet treats.

These popular confectioneries will be in demand on Saturday, August 26, at the Sweets Stall, so we need our school families to play their part. To ensure we have sufficient supplies on fete day, we are asking parents (and children) to dig out their favourite sweets recipes and start cooking.
Of course, we want to make it easier for you, so the classes managing the Sweets Stall can put together take-home packs of ingredients, plus the bags in which you can wrap your finished goodies. Just email the Stall Convenor at gracevillefetestalls@gmail.com and you can arrange to pick up packs.
When your cooking is done, just bring the sweets to the school.

Download the latest sweets flyer here.

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