The Graceville Fete prides itself on having the best rides in town.

In 2018 we’ve lined up more rides than ever before. The afternoon will fly by as you fly high with your friends.

There’s the Round Up - Hurricane - Sizzler - Giant Chairs - Ferris Wheel - Chair-O-Plane - Speed Racers - Giant Slide - Cup & Saucer - Obstacle Course... and did someone say Dodgem Cars?

For the little kids we have the following:

  • Cup'N'Saucer (3 years)
  • Speed Racer (2 years)
  • Ferris Wheel (2 years)
  • Chair-O-Plain (2 years)
  • Obstacle Course (3 years)
  • Giant Slide (unaccompanied if over 100cm tall or accompanied by adult if under 100cm)
  • Petting Zoo
  • Pony Rides

Purchase ahead of time at our great pre-Fete discount price of $30 for All Rides, and $25 for Littlies Rides.

Online sales open Monday 23 July at and close Friday 17 August. Get in early and save up to 25 percent on the Fete Day full prices of $40 and $28.


What are Ride Bands and how do they work?

The 2018 Graceville State School Fete will have more rides than ever before, for little people and big people. Buy a ride band, wear it on your wrist and show it to the ride attendants, and you can ride as many times as you like between 12.30 pm and 6.00 pm.

All Rides are for older children, at least 110cm tall. Rides this year include the Hurricane, Sizzler, Round Up, Giant Chairs, Dodgem Cars.

Littlies Rides are for younger children, less than 110cm tall. Rides this year include the Giant Slide, Cup & Saucer, Speed Racer, Ferris Wheel, Obstacle Course, Chair-O-Plane, Pony Rides & Animal Farm.

How do we buy ride bands?

There are two ways:

  • Buy ride bands online by Friday 17 August at It’s easy, faster and you save money this way.
  • Buy ride bands at the Rides Stall on Fete Day. Pay cash or EFTPOS, but there’s no discount.

Prices are: All Rides $30 online ($40 on Fete Day) or $7 for single ride ticketsLittlies Rides $25 online ($28 on Fete Day) or $6 for single ride tickets

When do we get our ride bands?

Hospital style ride-bands will be sent home with the youngest child in the week before the Fete (so please update your child’s class details in School24).

Ride bands not sent home can be collected from the Rides stall on Fete day. Please provide your order details and show ID for collection.

Please note, ride bands are NOT transferable, and there are no refunds on pre-purchased is ride bands.

For info on how to buy ride bands online, see our handy guide.