Fete Ride Bands are Now On Sale!

You can now pre-purchase ride bands online using the School24 tuckshop ordering system.

Buy online before Friday 18 August for the discount price:

  • All Rides only $30

Round Up, Sizzler, Giant Chairs, Rock Climbing Wall, Mini Jeeps

  • Littlies Rides only $25

Giant Slide, Ferris Wheel, Cup & Saucer, Obstacle Course, Lost Temple and Ball Crawl, Giant Worm, Pony Rides, Animal Farm

(other rides may be available on the day, subject to finalisation)

Ride Bands purchased on Fete day:

  • All Rides $37 (or $7 for individual tickets)
  • Littlies Rides $27 (or $6 for individual tickets)

Click here to find out how to buy your ride bands before 18 August

Not a School24 user? Simply register, or use your current login –


You need to:

  • Top up your School24 account before starting your order (note: direct debits can take 2-3 days to appear on your account)
  • Allocate your GSS student(s) to their current class so ride bands can be sent home before Fete day – if we can’t match your student to a class, ride bands won’t be sent home
  • Register non GSS students as EVENT GUEST for ride band pickup on Fete day; or register them to the same class as your youngest GSS student (ride bands will be sent home with the youngest in the family).All undistributed ride bands can be collected at the Rides Stall on Fete day.

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