As the name suggests, this area has been set aside to entertain youngsters for the day. Apart from a big selection of games, children can get their face painted or try their luck on the Lob-o-Choc or Dunking Machine. Read one for more details …


If you can’t find your children and you’re wondering where they are on fete day, head to the Lob-o-Choc. The chances are that they’ll be at this super-popular stall. It is deceptively simple – you toss coins at a giant table of chocolates and if they land on the confectionery you get to keep it (and eat it). The kids just keep coming back for more.


Dunking Machine
What could be better than unleashing a well-aimed throw with a ball that pitches your favourite teacher into a tub of ice-cold water? This is always a favourite with the kids – and, if they are really lucky, the principal will volunteer to sit in the machine.


The fireworks aside, nothing lights up the fete at night quite like the glowies that children wave about or turn into colourful glow necklaces and glow bracelets. All the colours of the rainbow will be available again this year.


Fairy Floss
It wouldn’t be a fete without fairy floss and there will be a generous supply of this tasty treat available all day at this year’s fete.