Cash or GSS Cash Card?

You will need to bring some cash along to the Fete for the Quad Market, Parents and Students’ Market and Slushie Van. The Bar will also accept cash payments on Fete Day.

However, all of the Stalls run by the School are CASHLESS. This means that you will need to purchase GSS Cash Cards so you can shop at all of these wonderful Stalls on Fete Day including Lob-O-Choc, Kids Zone, Cakes, Sweets, Jams, Mexican, Sushi, Calamari, BBQ, Fairy Floss, Popcorn, Pizza, Coffee Shop, Pavlova, Lick Ice Cream, Cent Sale and Pre-loved Toys & Books! The Bar has EFTPOS facilities, and will also accept GSS Cash Cards and cash payments.

What is a GSS Cash Card and how do they work?

The GSS Cash Card is a prepaid payment card used to pay for goods and services at Participating Stalls at Graceville State School on Fete Day between the hours of 9:00am and 7:30pm. The Card looks like a loyalty card with 10 boxes, each having a $1 value. The total face value of each GSS Cash Card is $10.

For Class Volunteers on Stalls, they will simply cross out the value that you have spent on your GSS Cash Card. All GSS Cash Cards have a space for you to write your name and mobile number – lost cash can’t be returned to its rightful owner, but GSS Cash Cards can be returned to their owner if lost and found!

How can I purchase GSS Cash Cards?

You can pre-purchase GSS Cash Cards before Fete Day online at from Monday 29 July 2019.

If you don’t pre-purchase GSS Cash Cards before Fete Day, they can be purchased on Fete Day at the GSS Cash Card Stall.

What if I don’t use all of my GSS Cash Cards?

Any unused GSS Cash Cards are refundable on Fete Day at the GSS Cash Card Stall between 9:00am and 7:00pm, and at the GSS Cash Card Refund Stall in the Quad Market between 9:00am and 3:00pm.

After Fete Day and FOR A LIMITED TIME PERIOD until 31 August 2019, refunds will be provided for unused GSS Cash Cards if they are returned to the School Office in an envelope containing bank account details before this date.

BONUS – GSS Cash Card Prize Draw

There will be a GSS Cash Card Prize Draw on Fete Day. Once a Card has been fully used, to enter the draw, the owner needs to write their name and mobile phone number on the used Card and put it into one of the GSS Cash Card Prize Draw boxes that will be at numerous Fete Stalls and also where the MC is located.

Intermittently on Fete Day, a Card will be drawn and the MC will announce the winner’s name. A text will also be sent to the winner, who will have 30 minutes to collect their prize. If the prize is not collected with the 30 minute period, it will be redrawn.

Cards that are refunded will not be eligible to enter the GSS Cash Card Prize Draw.

To view the full terms and conditions of GSS Cash Cards please click here.